The mystery of inhabitants of the isolated village should stay in these woods forever…
An English traveler Jonathan Green receives an order from Peter the Great to map the Russian Far East. And once again he sets out for a long journey full of incredible adventures that will eventually lead him to China!
The Mystery of Dragon's Seal: journey to China
A gunshot suddenly breaks the silence of the school hallways. A desperate history teacher holds her whole class hostage. But very soon the situation will change, and the teacher herself will become a hostage.
The film, an action of which occurs in both hemispheres of the terrestrial globe, with the participation of presidents, bosses of drug cartels, agents of state security services, and powerful secret organizations, begins from a shocking, but quite “domestic skirmish”.
Velvet Revolution
Two experienced policemen investigate the case of a triple murder in the theatre. One of the four actors that happened to be in the one dressing room, survived. Several characters of the tragedy are suspected, including the famous actress, staying in a mental health clinic for compulsory treatment.
To be or not to be
Как, поймав на удочку миллион $, остаться в живых, если это миллион главного «Бешеного пса» (Майкл Мэдсен) из фильмов Тарантино, который готов натравить на тебя не только «черную мамбу», но и двух своих ТЕЛО ½ хранителей (Александр Карпов, Алексей А. Петрухин).
Сматывай удочки
Two old widows sharing an apartment learn from the TV news that a psychopath has appeared in town, who calls at the homes of trusting women, pretending to be a utilities inspector. Once he is let in to an apartment, he rapes and murders his victims.
fascinating fights inside the “octagon” ceased to be a bloody medley long time ago and by now they have turned into duels between real men. In this film you will see the best matches between Russian and American super heavyweight fighters, which took place at the WAFC World Cup Pankration – Russia versus the USA.