Genre: high-speed action thriller
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Production Co: film companies RFG and STEP by STEP
Alexey A. Petrukhin
Alexey A. Petrukhin
Maria Solovieva
Production Designer:
Alexey Kravchenko
Alexey A. Petrukhin
Alexander Karpov
Alexander Yakovlev
Victoria Tolstoganova
Anna Churina
Peter Fedorov
Igor Jijikine
Oleg Taktarov
Anna Chipovskaya
Olga Pogodyna

The “second” “Velvet Revolution” – “Time For Rage” – not only expands on the intricate plot of the sensational “first” part, but it also tries to reveal the ideology of the characters in this motion picture, as well as the ideology of the creators of this top-ranking box-office blockbuster released in 2005. Like in the first movie, the contrast between protagonists’ personalities makes their relationship uneasy. But at the same time it guarantees that they are indestructible in tandem and pose a serious danger to the most powerful drug syndicates. In the second movie the collision between the officers and the world’s drug mafia occurs at a new level. Several months have passed after the events connected with the seizure of a large amount of drugs in the baggage of the president of an African republic. The sensational crime is uncovered, Suvorovtsev, an inborn leader and a “careerist” as he calls himself, gets a promotion, and after some heavy shocks harmony is achieved in Vershinin’s family: the officer’s wife has recovered from drug addiction, the daughter treats her father with respect and understanding. Alas, this idyll is not fated to last eternally. An international drug syndicate, headed by Sors (Alexander Yakovlev) – a criminal, who is wanted in a number of countries, – avenges on the heroes in the manner he got used to while operating in these countries: with neither constraint nor pity, but accurately and until their utter annihilation. Within a short period of time Vershinin and Suvorovtsev are doomed to lose not only peace and the feeling of their professional victory, but also their close relatives, old friends and even an access to “the case of Sors”, whose patrons turned out to be high-ranking officials. Since that moment the drug mafia starts waging not a secret war, but an undisguised one against the two officers. The plot of “Time For Rage” is an unembellished real life story. It is based on some real events, pertaining to several sensational cases of the drug mafia in Russia and abroad. And real events are more dynamic and harsh than many thrillers. Such harshness is shown in the “Time For Rage”: stage by stage the movie reveals a painstaking work of the officers, who are gathering materials and proofs, allowing them to destroy the activities of the largest criminal clan, which has influential connections in the society and mass media, huge money, the best technical facilities and experts. There comes a stage in this struggle when Suvorovtsev finds himself in a blockade: his friend and partner Vershinin, obsessed with the idea of revenge for the loss of his loved one, becomes completely uncontrollable not only by his adversaries, but by his superiors as well. Vershinin hides “at the bottom of society”. Every time his appearance results in a new corpse of a drug dealer and a new problem for Suvorovtsev. Suvorovtsev is cut off from the Department. He can only rely on himself. He has to act alone and to collect nuggets of information. The officer takes some extremely venturesome steps and forms high-risk alliances: even his former enemies — inveterate criminals Rock and Pike (Oleg Taktarov and Igor Zhizhikin) – help him. And then the thread of the investigation leads the officers to the very heart of Africa, where the headquarters of the international drug syndicate is situated. The most ruthless mercenary is responsible for the security of the headquarters. It is here that all the characters of this global operation are fated to meet each other under the scorching sun. All of them have been preparing for this meeting, each one betting his very life on victory. Because it’s a game for real men, it’s a “Time For Rage”.
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