Velvet Revolution

Genre: high-speed action thriller
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Production Co: Production: film companies RFG and STEP by STEP
Oleg Stepchenko
Oleg Stepchenko
Alexander Karpov
Alexey A. Petrukhin
Maria Solovieva
Production Designer:
Alexey Kravchenko
Alexey A. Petrukhin
Alexander Karpov
Igor Kashintsev
Vasily Livanov
Alexander Yakovlev
Arnis Litsitis
Michael Gorevoy
Victoria Tolstoganova
Anna Churina
Anna Chipovskaya
Peter Fedorov
Igor Jijikine
Oleg Taktarov
Michael Vodzumi
Igbokh Nduka Charles
Ola Keyru
Michael Madsen

The film, an action of which occurs in both hemispheres of the terrestrial globe, with the participation of presidents, bosses of drug cartels, agents of state security services, and powerful secret organizations, begins from a shocking, but quite “domestic skirmish”. A drug Mafiosi is beating his employee with a golf club, with the purpose of educating him, because his mobile phone had been stolen by a hard working agent of the state security services. Having recognized the incommensurableness of the punishment and the level of his fault, the mutilated gangster is one of the first heroes of the film who asks the question: “What do we actually know about the world we live in?” But he will not have the time to think about the answer. The agent, who took his property, not thinking that a mobile phone could be as dangerous as an atomic bomb, will seek an answer to this question. The speed of the following events is equivalent to its entertaining content. Secret codes, solutions, of an enigma, persecutions, newly discovered corpses… There’s no joke to this mystery: an unveiling of this mystery will destroy all preexisting comprehensions about international politics in the mind of the people.
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