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RFG Corp signed an agreement on co-operation with the Chinese Corp «Yangtze»

23 May – the opening ceremony of Media, Radio and Television Week of Hubei in Russia took place in the International Multimedia Press-Centre in Moscow.

A huge amount of participants affirms a positive tendency in the bonding issue between Russia and China in media projects, as well as in cooperation in different other spheres – from journalism to film production. The opening speech was held by: the assistant editor-in- chief of the media group “Hubei Zhibao” HU Hanjian, the assistant general manager of the media-group “Yangtze” (Chang Jiang) LI Bin, the chief of the editors office of radio and television of Hubei SHANG Tao, the chief executive officer of the film production company of Hubei “Yangtze” CHANG Dunlyan and by other representatives of Russian and Chinese companies.


Within the framework of this activity a number of bilateral agreements was signed. One of them should be specially mentioned – the agreement between Russian Film Group Corp and Film Corporation of Hubei “Yangtze” on film co-production. Taking into consideration huge and unique experience in co-production, which RFG Corp possesses due to the work on the project “The Mystery of the Dragon Seal: Journey to China”, the partnership with the Chinese colleagues shows a long-term perspective not only in the mutual co-production but also in joining Chinese cinema market.


“Long-term co-operation with Russian partners will contribute to an efficient teamwork and further info-cooperation between the district of Hubei and Russia and moreover to the deep and sincere friendship between the residents of these two places,”- the chief executive officer of the film production company of Hubei “Yangtze” CHENG Dunlyan pointed out.

“We would like to express deep respect and gratitude to our Chinese colleagues for their trust and commitment to the projects of our corporation, - said producer Alexey A. Petrukhin.According to our preparatory agreements, the Chinese partners plan to invest several dozens of millions of dollars. With our mutual efforts, we create films of world’s highest standard, solve essential social and political tasks. We create bright, colorful high-quality product, which can be interesting for both – the Russian audience and the Chinese one.”

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According to one of the participants of the forum, this growth and progress in Russian-Chinese relationship in media nowadays can be compared to the Great Silk Road or the Great Tea Road, the ones that connected Europe and China in 4-10 centuries. A new Chinese program “One geographical zone – one path of development” is gathering pace at the moment and the essence of it is in development of large mutual projects. In this case, film production becomes a universal tool, as cinema language is clear for everyone and helps to reach mutual understanding not only in cultural sphere, but also in political and social ones.

Hubei province – is one of the most economically sophisticated and most populated provinces in China. It is situated almost in the center of China, in its eastern part. It connects the north and the south of the state. Hubei territories lie in the picturesque valleys of the Haijian and the Yangtze rivers. The bridge over the Yangtze River was built by the soviet engineers. There are lots of historical monuments in the province; some of them are under protection of UNESCO



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Films «Viy» and «the Teacha» will be presented at the Russian Film Week in Buenos Aires

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24th of November was issued an Advisory Expert Council for the year 2015 for the award «Golden eagle». In the so-called long-list were included such films as «Warrior», «Edinichka», «Duhless-2″, «Petrushka’s Syndrome», «Norway», and many others. According to the Chairman of the expert Council of the award Kirill Raslogov, this year the nominees were representatives of mainly non-commercial movies, most of the films were participants of various festivals.