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A new CEO of the film studio "Russian Film Group" up to take a new level of career

Анастасия Гавриш

Successfully defended a development strategy of the film company to the founders and partners (18 of November) a producer Anastasia Gavrish officially took a place of CEO.

Anastasia has brought to RFG the many lines of development and new ideas. Her main task is to optimize and structure the processes of RFG work shaping a competent and effective interaction inside the 17-year-old team.

Anastasia graduated Moscow Film School. Her specialization is producing. It is also known Bauman Moscow State Technical University she successfully graduated first. She has a good experience in production and promotion of full-length films ("30 dates", " A Bride"), TV-series ("A red level"), a social advertisement in addition. Previously she was a lead manager in the "Inspiration Film" studio. The such companies as Mirapolis, Mail.ru, Look At Media, Webinar.ru, and Kinobizon can also be given in her achievement list

"I’m not deny, my new appointment is incredibly interesting dare for me. It's my first experience of work with the such large creative team of professionals. Here we have own complexities inside the structure of our company, occasionally they are slowing down our development. My main goal is to organize and structure the work of our team. Thanks to that our film company could take a confident position as a major company inside the Russian film industry. Today we're planning to produce the high quality products maintaining a healthy creative atmosphere within our team. What's about our plans? Our immediate plan is a launch of an educational project.
In 2018 we are releasing right 5 new film projects off. Each of them requires an individual approach to maximize the realization of their creative and commercial potential" - so Anastasia Gavrish commented her appointment.



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Films «Viy» and «the Teacha» will be presented at the Russian Film Week in Buenos Aires

From 7 to 11 December in the capital of Argentina will take part Russian film Week,at the opening of which will take part the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. The film «Viy» will be presented by its producer Alexey A. Petrukhin and Director Oleg Stepchenko. The Week will be concluded with screening of «the Teacha»,that will be presented by the Director Aleksey A. Petrukhin and actors who performed the main


Irina Kupchenko, who performed the main role in the movie «the Teacher», was nominated for the award «Golden eagle»

24th of November was issued an Advisory Expert Council for the year 2015 for the award «Golden eagle». In the so-called long-list were included such films as «Warrior», «Edinichka», «Duhless-2″, «Petrushka’s Syndrome», «Norway», and many others. According to the Chairman of the expert Council of the award Kirill Raslogov, this year the nominees were representatives of mainly non-commercial movies, most of the films were participants of various festivals.