2017 год
Not say goodbye
Everyone has a choice
1941. October. There are thousands of German troops advancing on Kalinin (now Tver), to open a direct route to Moscow. There are only two thousand people defending the city. No tanks. No artillery. Their only hope to hold o  the enemy – is the  fth Infantry Division, that is about to go through the Kalinin station. But there are spies out there doing every- thing to prevent this from happening. Major Pavel Tokarev, Head of the Kalinin garrison, is struggling to maintain order in the city. And he himself falls under suspicion of being involved in spy activity.

2017 год
The Journey to India
... on the cusp of immortality
Jonathan Green, a famous English Cartographer, is returning from China to his homeland, accompanied by Cossacks and new Chinese friends. The circumstances force him to make a stop in India. This new adventure brings new challenges and dangers upon him.

2017 год
The Era of Prosperity
The end of the XVI century, Moscow. Prince Dmitry, the heir to the throne, is killed in Uglich at the hands of assassins connected to the Tsar’s entourage. There are few suspects.

2018 год
On August 17, 2009 at 8:13 local time there was an accident which took away human lives. The movie will tell us about one of world’s largest technogenic catastrophes.

2018 год
The new hero will be born in the flames
Fire has the power not only to take life, but also to give it. Few realize the obvious: the fire is as alive as we. What moves the fire in reality? Who has the real power over it?

2017 год
Yakov. Stalin's son
Yakov Dzhugashvili, the son of the great Stalin. It is his fate and his tragedy.

2018 год
Crime and Punishment
Dunya Raskolnikov goes to St. Petersburg, worried about her brother, Rodion’s mental health. He keeps seeing obsessive prophetic dreams about a global epidemic in the future. Rodion wants to prevent a deadly disaster for the humanity by destroying the source of disease before the nightmare becomes reality. Upon arrival Dunia discovers that Rodion is convicted for the murder of an elderly woman money-lender and is exiled to Siberia. Dunya believes that her brother is innocent and begins his own investigation. As she is looking for the truth, Dunya encounters a suspicious group and now her own life is in danger.

2018 год
Railway Stations of Russia
The picture is released to mark the 180-year anniversary of The Russian Railways. As if the locomotive, the railway led the rapid development of the industry and economy repeatedly making Russia the world leader in the extent of railroads.
These were the railroads that promoted the prosperity of our country. But where does the railroad take its start? At the station.

2018 год
Never give up
The beginning of XX century. Alexei Muromtsev, a lieutenant of the Russian Navy commits an audacious but noble act. He is then demoted and sent to the Far East as a regular sailor, to serve in the crew of the protected cruiser “Varyag”. Muromtsev finds himself caught up in a spy game of the military counterintelligence; intrigues and betrayal surround him. The story unforlds just weeks before the famous Battle of Chemulpo, which in Soviet times becomes sung of “Pur proud” Varyag “shall not surrender...”

Three in one
Bright, direct somewhat ridiculous and surprisingly lyrical story of love of three couples. Vera, Nadia and Luba are three best friends who have suddenly discovered that their men see the same prostitute... Feeling deceived, girls decide to “invite” the hooker to the house to teach her some manners as well as to find out something... The meeting turns out to be dangerous and brings some unexpected and unpredictable consequences. Will the heroes be able to remain themselves after facing cheating, misunderstanding and other obstacles?
Heroes of the movie "I am not like this" keep repeating these quite common words of excuse, are trying to find a getaway from the most difficult and delicate situations…

2017 год
The Lost Reflection
Confessions of kapt woman
This story is based on numerous real-life stories of those who chose to stay unnamed. A young provincial girl full of vitality, who is dancing to “My Boy,” doesn’t even suspect that soon, when she goes to conquer the capital, she will meet a man, and that this meeting will put an abrupt end to her dreams.

2016 год
Very «Dirty» Story
Anna is a top-model. Her rival pushes her off the yacht in the middle of Siberia. Anna reaches the shore and gets up from the mud wearing high heels and a cocktail dress. She runs into a team of “Jeepers” (extreme off road racers), who promise to help her get back to the civilization. Anna is so happy, she doesn’t know yet what a long and dangerous adventure is awaiting her.

The “second” “Velvet Revolution” – “Time For Rage” – not only expands on the intricate plot of the sensational “first” part, but it also tries to reveal the ideology of the characters in this motion picture, as well as the ideology of the creators of this top-ranking box-office blockbuster released in 2005.

Are you sure that you are not sleeping at any given moment? Do you believe that a dream can never change your life? Do you know where the borderline between a dream and reality is? Are you always sure to wake up today?

They were classmates at school once. Many years later they met again, but they did not plan to indulge in nostalgic reminiscences. They met to realize that they had much in common.