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The fight of princesses, a hairpin as a fight instrument and other details from the shooting «Journey to China. The Mystery of Iron Mask»


The shooting of the feature «Journey to China. The Mystery of Iron Mask» (in common parlance — «Viy-2») continues in China. The hardest scenes thrash out to the smallest details and the film making process is preceded by months of intensive rehearsals.


The stunt coordinator legendary He Jun, one of the leading expert working on projects of Jackie Chan, hones skills of the actors not only within many hours long rehearsals but also directly on the set. In the dress of the actress Yao Xingtong, who plays in the feature «Journey to China. The Mystery of Iron Mask» several roles, all elements are functional even hairpins! The shooting of the scene of princesses fight has continued 3,5 week, it was necessary to show every element of the dress in action. And many things will open to the audience with unexpected side.


Chinese experts from the Jackie Chan Stunt Team say, that they are constantly trying to find some new unexpected things to amaze sophisticated audience. Many amazing solution are found directly on the set and immediately embodied of spectacular shots. It remains to wait for the final result to see the fruits of Russian and Chinese filmmakers labour. The shooting period of the feature «Journey to China. The Mystery of Iron Mask» in full swing in China. Follow the news!



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Films «Viy» and «the Teacha» will be presented at the Russian Film Week in Buenos Aires

From 7 to 11 December in the capital of Argentina will take part Russian film Week,at the opening of which will take part the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. The film «Viy» will be presented by its producer Alexey A. Petrukhin and Director Oleg Stepchenko. The Week will be concluded with screening of «the Teacha»,that will be presented by the Director Aleksey A. Petrukhin and actors who performed the main


Irina Kupchenko, who performed the main role in the movie «the Teacher», was nominated for the award «Golden eagle»

24th of November was issued an Advisory Expert Council for the year 2015 for the award «Golden eagle». In the so-called long-list were included such films as «Warrior», «Edinichka», «Duhless-2″, «Petrushka’s Syndrome», «Norway», and many others. According to the Chairman of the expert Council of the award Kirill Raslogov, this year the nominees were representatives of mainly non-commercial movies, most of the films were participants of various festivals.