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«Teacher» will be shown not only for high school students: age limit 12+


For the second release of the film «the Teacher», the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation changed the age limit of the movie, and now it can be seen by the audience of the 12 years and older.

After viewing «Teacher» in the Ministry of culture officials agreed to numerous requests of the audience and the creators themselves about the changing of the age limit. At the end of 2015, the film was released with an age restriction for viewers of 16 years old or over. However, at the show of the picture that caused the most bright and positive discussions in the academic community, teachers often came with their classes, and among the audience were stuents who had not yet turned to16 years old.

Despite this, at their own risk, teachers thought it was nesecary to show the movie «the Teacher» to their students, because the film touches the most important questions of intergenerational relationships, parenting nowadays teenagers and many other topics.

Increased and persistent interest to the «Teacher» allowed the filmmakers to solve the issue on the re-release of the film. The requests of the audience who only heard about the movie, but couldn’t see it, and the desire of teachers to show the film to their students and to discuss the relevant issues, raised in the film, had even a dabble effect.

Now those who want to see the most discussed film about the modern school, thanks to the attentive and responsive attitude and approach of the representatives of the Ministry of culture, take a unique opportunity to do this in the cinematheatres of the city, and also allow to bring to the movie those who have not yet reached adulthood.

The release of the film is scheduled for the end of September – beginning of October, at the eve of teachers ‘ Day.



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Films «Viy» and «the Teacha» will be presented at the Russian Film Week in Buenos Aires

From 7 to 11 December in the capital of Argentina will take part Russian film Week,at the opening of which will take part the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. The film «Viy» will be presented by its producer Alexey A. Petrukhin and Director Oleg Stepchenko. The Week will be concluded with screening of «the Teacha»,that will be presented by the Director Aleksey A. Petrukhin and actors who performed the main


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24th of November was issued an Advisory Expert Council for the year 2015 for the award «Golden eagle». In the so-called long-list were included such films as «Warrior», «Edinichka», «Duhless-2″, «Petrushka’s Syndrome», «Norway», and many others. According to the Chairman of the expert Council of the award Kirill Raslogov, this year the nominees were representatives of mainly non-commercial movies, most of the films were participants of various festivals.