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«Brutus» on the way to the Oscars


The short film “Brutus”, Directed by Konstantin FAM, will compete for the award “Oscar” in the category “Best short film”. Now the American Academy viewes the films, selected for the long list, the results of which will be formed in the short-list of contenders for the Award.

The film “Brutus” — the second part of “Almanac “Witnesses” is a feature — length project consisting of three short stories dedicated to the memory of Holocaust victims. The first Novella — the movie “Shoes” was released in 2012 and was the winner of numerous national and international film festivals, and participated in the struggle for the prize of the American Academy. The film “Brutus” continues the concept of the Almanac and tells about the Disaster through the eyes of a German shepherd named Brutus. The Nuremberg laws separated the dog with his beloved mistress. In the process of taming and manipulation of the concentration camp becomes a brute beast-killer. The film is based on the samenamed story by the famous Czech writer Ludwig Ashkenazi. The shooting took place on the territory of Romania, Russia and Belarus. Starring in the film is performed by Oksana Fandera, Filipp Yankovsky, Vladimir Koshevoy and Anna Churina. The Russian premiere of the film took place in the framework of the competition program of the Moscow Film festival.

The film’s Director Konstantin FAM:

“We’ve been doing this project for almost 5 years. I already talked a lot about the importance of the themes of this film, about its importance to me personally and for my family. Now it is principal for us that film will be seen by as many spectators as possible. And, of course, participation in the most prestigious movie award in the world is an important step in achieving this goal.”

Alexey A. Petrukhin, producer of the Almanac:

«Of course, «Brutus» is a very strong dramatic life story. Exactly such а film attracts the attention of the Academy. An Oscar nomination is a recognition and victory itself, it means that the main idea of the picture really touched the soul of the spectator, and raised important topic. Cinema is an archive and repository of historical facts, and «Brutus» has already become a part of it, whatever what will be the final decision of the selection Committee of the film Academy».

It is noteworthy that the film “Brutus” is one of the few projects that is created with the participation of Russian and Ukrainian filmmakers. Also representatives of Belarus, Romania and the United States took part in the shooting. At the moment the shooting of the third Novella of the Anthology film “the Violin» continues in Belarus. The film tells the story of a musical instrument which goes through all the horrors of war and ends his history at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Shooting of film also took place in Moscow, new York and Prague, and will be ended in Israel.



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